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The Great American Twitter Novel

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At The New Yorker, Ian Crouch looks at the past, present and future of #twitterfiction, citing #PolarVortex as one example of "wild formal invention" on Twitter:   

There’s potential on Twitter for wild formal invention. Rather than just fiction tweeted, writers could find narrative in retweets, faves, blocks, and unfollows, and write in not just words but images, GIFs, emoji, and hyperlinks. Characters might exist as different Twitter handles, put in conversation, or else many characters subtly inhabiting a single account. It would wade into the messiness of parody accounts, anonymous mystery accounts, brand accounts, fake brand accounts, bots, and real people posing as bots. There are examples of this kind of writing, and its real emotional and intellectual possibilities, in the archive of work created for the Twitter Fiction Festival, which was held this past March: God tweets out a new book of the Bible about Justin Bieber; a cast of characters tweet about being trapped in a fictional airport during the polar vortex; Henry David Thoreau gets a smart phone at Walden Pond. Twitter is often funny, and so is Twitter fiction, but there are stories, too, of lost love, loneliness, and despair.

L.A. Times: “Brazil’s ’1984′-stlyle security may be coming to your city.”

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At the Los Angeles Times, I write about Brazil's 1984-style security at the World Cup — and what it may mean for public spaces around the world.

Folha de S. Paulo: “Manaus – stories from a distant city.”

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The From Brazil blog at Folha de S. Paulo has my piece on the hidden stories of Manaus, featuring a gallery of photos by Leco Jucá.

Harper’s: Postcards from the World Cup in Brazil

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During the World Cup in Brazil, I wrote postacards from Belo Horizonte and Manaus for Harper's.

July 8, 2014: "World Cup Boom and Bust."

June 24, 2014: "Below the Beautiful Horizon."

Sports Illustrated: “At the Bank and in the Bar, Brazilians Love Predicting World Cup Winners.”

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At Sports Illustrated, I write about how Brazilian soccer fans from all walks of life have a little money at stake in the World Cup — and even the federal government wants in on the action. 

L.A. Times: “If Brazil cares about its legacy, it won’t silence World Cup protesters.”

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At The Los Angeles Times, I write about freedom of expression during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Primary Next of Kin is Now Available on LitRagger

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My short story "Primary Next of Kin," which was originally published at The Northwest Review and a special mention in the Pushcart Prize anthology, is now available online at LitRagger.

“Lawn King” is Now Available as a Kindle Single

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After being featured in Day One, Amazon's weekkly literary journal, "Lawn King" is now available as a Kingle Single.

Now Blogging for the Los Angeles Times

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Exciting news!  I'll be covering current events for Opinion L.A., the opinion blog of the Los Angeles Times.  You can keep tabs on all my posts here.    

July 15, 2014: "Brazil's '1984'-style' World Cup security may be coming to your city too."

June 10, 2014. "If Brazil cares about its legacy, it won't silence World Cup protesters."

May 19, 2014. "After rape investigation, University of Oregon needs to show courage, not crisis management."   

April 30, 2014: "The NBA won't tolerate racism, so why does the NFL tolerate 'Redskins'?"

April 22, 2014: "Climbing Everest shouldn't just be an item on someone's bucket list."

April 17, 2014: "How Bloomberg plans to use the NRA's tactics in gun control fight."

April 8, 2014: "Hey, you guys! Don't sign-up for a 'Goonies' sequel!"

March 31, 2014: "Beware of Oculus Rift: If you think Facebook is bad now, just wait."

March 19, 2014: "March Madness: NCCA should stop exploiting student athletes, pass a Bill of Rights."

2014 Twitter Fiction Festival

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My story #PolarVortex was selected as a featured story in the 2014 Twitter Fiction Festival, and now all of the stories are now archived in one place.  BBC and USA Today previewed the festival here, and BuzzFeed Books noted #PolarVortex as one of 11 memorable moments of the festival.  Twitter has all the details:

When a winter storm paralyzes an unspecified metropolitan airport, Twitter reveals the hopes, fears and frustrations of the passengers and staff whose destinies have been put on hold, for better or worse. Around the clock for 48 hours, this story traces the drama of travel delays affecting lives at the airport and across the globe. @chrisarnold will set the stage using tweets, images, maps and video.