Climbing Everest shouldn’t just be an item on someone’s bucket list

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At The Los Angeles Times, I write about the aftermath of the deadliest avalanche in Mt. Everest history. 

Hey you guys, don’t sign up for a ‘Goonies’ sequel!

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At the Los Angeles Times, I argue that a sequel to The Goonies would be a horrible, horrible idea. 

“Lawn King” is Now Available as a Kindle Single

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After being featured in Day One, Amazon's weekkly literary journal, "Lawn King" is now available as a Kingle Single.

Beware of Oculus Rift: If you think Facebook is bad now, just wait

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At the Los Angeles Times, I write about Facebook's recent acquisition of virtual reality headset maker Oculus. 

NCAA should stop exploiting student-athletes, pass a Bill of Rights

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At the Los Angeles TimesI argue that March Madness is the perfect time for the NCAA to pass a student-athletes Bill of Rights.

Now Blogging for the Los Angeles Times

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Exciting news!  I'll be covering current events for Opinion L.A., the opinion blog of the Los Angeles Times.  You can keep tabs on all my posts here.    


2014 Twitter Fiction Festival

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My story #PolarVortex was selected as a featured story in the 2014 Twitter Fiction Festival, and now all of the stories are now archived in one place.  BBC and USA Today previewed the festival here, and BuzzFeed Books noted #PolarVortex as one of 11 memorable moments of the festival.  Twitter has all the details:

When a winter storm paralyzes an unspecified metropolitan airport, Twitter reveals the hopes, fears and frustrations of the passengers and staff whose destinies have been put on hold, for better or worse. Around the clock for 48 hours, this story traces the drama of travel delays affecting lives at the airport and across the globe. @chrisarnold will set the stage using tweets, images, maps and video.

Why ‘retarded’ deserves to be retired

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At the Los Angeles Times, I discuss why the word "retarded" deserves to be retired:

Words lead to action, and while trading one word for another won't change reality overnight, it can help usher in an new era. Consider the early 20th century, when the American Breeders Assn. studied how best to cut off the "defective germ-plasm" of the U.S. population. Consider the later 20th century when the "mentally retarded" were kept out of sight and mind in nightmarish institutions like the Willowbrook State School In the 21st century, thousands of Americans with "intellectual disabilities" are organizing politically for the first time, finding their voices and advocating for their right to dignity and respect, including  that has tormented them for years."


Playboy Fiction at AWP

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I'm reading at the annual Association of Wrtiers and Writing Programs conference in Seattle this year with other past winners of the Playboy College Fiction contest.  AWP has all the details.   

National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowships

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It's impossible to say how grateful I am to receive a 2014 creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Best American Sports Writing 2013

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My Salon feature "Asleep at the Roger Clemens Trial" was a notable selection in The Best American Sports Writing 2013, chosen by series editor Glenn Stout. 

The Scramble to Finish Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium

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Weather, worker strikes, and structural problems have set back the renovation of Rio de Janeiro's historic stadium. Read my dispatch from the construction site at The Atlantic.

DISQUIET International Literary Program

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Grateful to be one of four North American writers of Luso descent awarded a full scholarship to attend the DISQUIET International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal.  DISQUIET is a project of U.S.-based Dzanc Books and the Portuguese Centro Nacional de Cultura with support from the Luso-American Development Fund and many other organizations.  The two-week program brings writers from North America and from around the world together with Portuguese writers in the heart of Lisbon for intensive workshops in the art and craft of writing.

Sheriff Joe’s Posse Invades Guadalupe

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At Salon, I take a look at how how Sheriff Joe Arpaio's school protection posse is disturbing the peace in Guadalupe, Arizona. 

The MLB’s Grad School for Top Prospects

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Why is baseball the only major sport with a sprawling farm system?  At The Atlantic, I visit the Arizona Lall League, Major League Baseball's graduate school for top prospects, to learn about the long climb to the big leagues.

This is the Wild West

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At Salon, you can read about my weekend at America's largest gun show, where ammo's cheap, private sales abound, and the Second Amendment comes first.

Slouching Towards Translation

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At Los Angeles Review of Books, you can find my essay about international literature, the new generation of Latin American writers, and Andrés Neuman's incredible novel of love and translation, Traveler of the Century.


The Passion According to G.H.

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At The Rumpus, I review The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector — one of several new translations from New Directions.

The Mexican Drug War Is Not Sexy

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At The Atlantic, I write about how movies, TV, music — and the police — have a warped way of portraying the drug war.

Asleep at the Roger Clemens Trial

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It's autographs, all-stars, courtly manners and a battle to stay awake as the baseball icon fights for his freedom.  Check out my feature on the Roger Clemens perjury trial at Salon